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Sin. Repent. Repeat.

the girl who's a goddess
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I am the Wielder of the Pool Cue of Justice™ and Patron Goddess to anything I feel like patronizing.

My animal totem is Hello Kitty.

Parking Lots are my Sacred Spaces.

I homebrew Kegs of Whoopass.

I craft geeky scarves with hooks and needles.

I love baseball.

During Festival Season, I live in a metaphysical Edinburgh.

I am a mercenary stage manager by trade.

I have a Smite List©.

Make sure you're not on it.

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And now that #1 hit by antoniusrex:

Onward Anna Soldiers!
Marching as to war!
With the Anna Banner!
Going on Before!
Like our Goddess asked us
just the other day
"Will you spread the word of Anna?"
and we said "okay!"
Onward Anna Soldiers!
Marching as to smite!
With the Anna Banner
"Careful she might bite..."

patent leather docs are love
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by the_10thdoctor

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